Current project: Libitínas Lost Love

Greetings young traveller!

I am currently working on a storybased intro. Now when I say intro the original thought was to make a pvp video but I don’t know if I want to do this.

Libitínas Lost Love is a story about a human female, citizen of Stratholme,  who look back on the Plague of Undeath and how she became infected. Uncured she rise as an undead breaks free from the Scourge and joins the Forsaken. Her human name is forgotten and her undead name Libitína have become a synomyous for death.

I’ve already captured most of the footage to be used in this movie and a test of it have already been made. I’m still not quite satisfied with the transitions yet and I still need to describe more through figurative language plus some subtitles. This project will be edited in After Effects instead of Premiere but will still use the H.264 codec.

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