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Who am I?

onsdag, juni 17th, 2009

Hello there!

Firstly I’d like to thank you for visiting my blog.

I am Niklas Nohrs. You might know me from World of Warcraft as the priest Libitína. In this blog I’ll introduce myself just so you can get the feeling that you know me.

In my early gaming years I mostly spent time playing old dos games such as Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and all the other classic games. The first competetive games I played were Fifa and Tekken which I played a few tournaments in local malls. At the age of 13 I won a contest winning 2nd price: an original watch from a James Bond movie which name I have forgotten to be quite honest. I sold the watch and bought my first computer. This started the era of lots and lots of playing Age of Empires 2 and ofcourse Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike hooked me and I joined the clan EbVuM (en bedre verden uden macintosh) because I provided a switch for a LAN. You might reconize some of the names: Liq, Blackserg, Cobe, Jude and I(Tco). We played together for a few years and suddenly at a LAN they had all switched to WoW which made it incredibly hard for me to fit in at the LAN because I had sworn never to play such a shitty game. Eventually they convinced me to play (hello jägermeister) and I rolled a Troll Mage because none of us had a mage. Oh well, months passed and I finally dinged 60. After some more months of playing pvp with Jude I rerolled my priest. After I dinged 60 I joined Oprah Windfury in greens and blues. We cleared Molten Core and Black Wing Lair. I even wore a + 24 spirit tunic on our first Nefarian kill. Even at this time I played discipline and spirit was the bomb for priests who knew how to downrank proberly.

Lets skip to now. I’m playing in Furious Few with discipline as my main spec. My intentions with this blog is to post videos and commenting on them. Maybe you’ll learn something ;)