Assembly of Iron heroic hardmode

Furious Few killed Assembly of Iron heroic hardmode 15th of June 2009.

Since this is hardmode you’ll need to know a bit about the fight.

Steelbreaker, an Iron Giant, is a very hard hitter, and has a raid-wide AoE. His tank and the healers assigned to the tank will need to watch for Fusion Punches, which might kill the tank in seconds. Molgeim will also cast Runes of Power, which look like big blue circles on the ground, underneath Steelbreaker – they increase his damage, therefore the tank must move him out of them, and allow the DPS to enter (similarly to Malygos’ sparks). After the first Supercharge (1 boss down), Steelbreaker will gain an AoE that increases Nature damage taken, so all raid members will need to watch for it. The second Supercharge (2 bosses down, Steelbreaker is the last one alive), Steelbreaker will debuff his tank with a debuff that causes the tank to die after 30 seconds, so the raid will need to have other tanks ready.

Fusion Punch – Inflicts 18,850 to 21,150 (Heroic: 35,000) Nature damage to his target, and deals additional 15,000 (Heroic: 20,000) Nature damage every 1 second, for 4 seconds.

2nd Supercharge – Meltdown – Causes the target to die, dealing 29,250 to 30,750 Nature damage to friendly units within 15 yards.

Knowing this, you’ll see in the video that I’m trying to save Power word: Shield and Prayer of Mending on Hierty for when the Fusion Punch is about to hit. We have a designated dispeller Murlóck on this fight (that’s why you don’t see me dispelling it). I mostly try to penance Hierty just as the Fusion Punch hit since it’s channeled so all the ticks comes to use. You’ll see I spam flash heals a lot – the main reason is to keep Hierty topped but also trying to apply inspiration and grace. As disc I find flash heal the best “filler” when penance is on cooldown because of the mana cost and cast time. You’ll see me casting shields on myself, this aint only for the absorb but since I’m 4 piece of my set my Power word: Shield will grant me 250 spell power for 5 sec and naturally for rapture. Normally I’ll use my Power Infusion on a dps, but on this fight I’m using it myself mostly because of the 20% less mana cost.

In phase3 (where we ball up) you’ll see the Meltdown effect. Hierty goes down and we swap to Non. This is where our cooldown rotation comes to use to survive the Fusion Punches. Whenever a Fusion Punch were about to hit either Non, Såvy, Imani, Tails or me would pop that paladin survival spell which I’ve forgotten the name of, Guardian Spirit or Pain Suppression on the current tank. For this tactic to work we had to eiter Soulstone or Combat Ressurrect Hierty. You can see this in the video if you look closely.

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